Issyk-Kul is an endorheic lake in the northern Tian Shan Mountains in eastern Kyrgyzstan. It is the seventh deepest lake in the world, the tenth largest lake in the world by volume and the second largest saline lake after the Caspian Sea. Issyk-Kul means “warm lake” in the Kyrgyz language; although it is surrounded by snow-capped peaks, it never freezes.

Issyk-Kul exhibition is with the patronage of the Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP), 2021/176. Acceptances obtained in this salon will be taken into account for FIAP Distinctions.

SECTIONS: Open Monochrome / Open Color (Only Color) / Water (Color/Monochrome) / Sea (Color/Monochrome) / Landscape (Color/Monochrome) / Travel (TRAD) (Color/Monochrome)

My participation

The hand of the sun  – FPC Bronze Medal

The power of faith  – FIAP Ribbon

Accepted works – 12

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