For the first time since my love affair with photography started, I participated in the “35 Awards” Competition. A major international award created in 2015. 500 000 photos of 118 000 professional and non- professional photographers competing for the best 100 works of the year. The voting system consists of three stages. Each stage hardens the selection criteria.

Stage 1 : voting by participants and spectators.

Stage 2 : voting 35PHOTO professional community.

Stage 3 : the final vote of 50 jury members from 50 countries.

I sent 20 individual photos and 6 photo stories. 9 of my photos and 4 photo stories were selected for the second stage. For the final stage consisting of 7443 images made by 3956 photographers – 1 photo and 2 photo stories of mine were selected. The best 100 photos have the chance to be published in a prestige winners album, inclusion in world exebitions and receive many other benefits. By participating in this photo contest i have received the benefit of not only having my work evaluated  but this has also been motivating me on improving my skills and techique.

Whatever happens at the final on 31 March 2020, this has been an incredible adventure for me!

You can see my page in the competition here 

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