The winners of the 2020 International Photo Awards are already clear. There are both professional and non-professional / student categories in the photography competition, and an international star jury of photography experts evaluated a total of 13,000 entries from 120 countries.

It may not be much, but again, photography makes me happy. The International Photo Awards is a large and prestigious photography forum. In each category there are three photos – first, second and third place winners. Due to the large number of applications, the jury selected additional 10-15 shots from each category which have won his attention and are worthy runners-up. These are the shots that the photographic experts have noticed and given high marks to.

I participated in this competition with five shots. Four of them were awarded with merits by the jury. This is happening in my first active photographic year, which I will remember with the good emotions from photography, but not with the pandemic that turned the world upside down.

Here are my four shots



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