The “Gran Print” Circuit is a cultural event in the field of artistic photography consists of 4 Contest with 4 themes per contest and is sponsored by the FIAP, GPU, ISF, FIAF and UIF and is organized by the Municipality of Figline e IncisaValdarno and from CircoloFotografico Arno (Italy). The Gran Print and Gran Digital photographic circuits are part of the “Gran Galà” exhibition with a unique award ceremony on Saturday 8 November 2022. The winners of the awards: Best Author of the Grand Gala, Best Author of the Grand Print, Best Author of the Grand Digital, Best Author of each Competition and the authors of the Best Works of each Contest, are entitled to an overnight stay on the day of the award ceremony and to the Dinner of Gala (offered by the Arno Photographic Circle).

My participation

Trofeo Leonardo

  • Alone on the road – Honorable Mention
  • The farm in the ocean – GPUGold Medal
  • Muddy childhood – UIF Silver medal

Trofeo Michelangelo

  • BEST WORK OF THE CONTEST – Muddy childhood – TROFY
  • The farm in the ocean  –GPU Gold Medal
  • Muddy childhood – Best Work


  • BEST WORK ON THE THEME – Muddy childhood
  • The boy from the mountain – FIAFSilver medal
  • Viking Cemetery – Special Mention Diploma Gran Gala
  • The farm in the ocean – Honorable Mention
  • Muddy childhood – FIAP Gold medalBest work on the theme


  • Muddy childhood – UIFGold medal

Accepted works – 31

To the gallery with the winning photos





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