One legend,many flavours.

Once upon a time there was a world in which every event became a legend, the adventures never stopped, the children could jump 10 meters from a place, raise mountains, juggle 19 waffles with one hand.  A truly legendary world. The project tells the incredible story of the glued cookie and what the children are capable of to get to the delicious temptations of Aunt Boryana.  A video in which nothing is unbelievable  and you will probably like it.  “Yes, but not really“. The sets specially created by Severina Stoyanova, located in one of the large studios of Boyana Cinema Center, were the visual “wink” for the memories of our childhood with countless adventures and games.  The main characters Daniel Tepavicharov, Boris Goshev, Adem Salif, Teodosiya Paspaleva, Raila Halyamse, Petar Krachunov were chosen after a special casting.  They made a video volume very temperamentally, and their aunt Boryana (played by the actress Elena Kaneva) added to the plot line a nice dose of humor.

  • Client: Бисквити Боровец
  • Creative agency: The Smarts
  • Director: Drago Sholev
  • DoP: Nenad Boroevich
  • 1st AD: Mihailo Kocev
  • Scenography and art direction: Severina Stoyanova
  • Styling: Jina Sheovska
  • UPM: Rosen Ignatov
  • Casting: Kokopelli-Mana Casting
  • Hair: Milen Ivanov
  • Make-up: Iskra Parladiiska
  • Producer: SHOOT

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