I was invited to participate in a very interesting webinar regarding my work in photography. Although most of the participants are professionals, I think I can add a different point of view on the subject. My experiences with photography as a hobby, a source of energy, savior, a reason to travel, to search and seek for beauty. I will show some of my photos accompanied by the stories behind them. My travels opened the door to yet another passion of mine. The camera and what I see behind the lens. I’ll leave the technicalities to the professional photographers and will stick to the passion I feel for photography. The beautiful, weird, winding road that led me to it. The joy and variety it brings to my life. As an actor and model and have been photographed quite a bit in the last twenty years and I’ll share my views on what it feels like to be on both sides of the camera, what inspires me, who I learn from and what my dreams are. I’ll try to answer as many questions as possible on the Facebook page of the event.

I always have a hard time selecting my photos. When selection time comes I always feel insecure about my work and therefore I try to learn from the curators of the best photography websites. But for that particular selection I was helped and guided by a  well known photographer, a very talented and special person. I’ll keep the name a secret for now.

My selection includes some photos from Morocco, Norway and the Rodopa mountains. Theater and cinema photos will also be included, as well as some portraits I’ve made.

The webinar is free and you can watch it at the Canon Bulgaria facebook page on the 19th May at 19h PM.

You will learn more in the event I share. To the event.

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