Blank Wall Gallery

 Curator: Markos Dolopikos

 Opening: Friday 10 September 2021, 21:00


Blank Wall Gallery presents the group exhibition “White” on Friday 10 September 2021.

This exhibition will last until Wednesday 22 September and its predominant element is White. White that symbolizes purity, truth and innocence. It is a color that can become dazzling for those who are accustomed to dark colors, but it also stresses the vibrancy of the colors that are close to it. While it can be associated with many positive elements, it can sometimes become extremely cold and impersonal, as it symbolizes absolute cleanliness. The white color also refers to winter, snow and cold. It evokes pleasant childhood memories with games in the snow during the holidays, but it can also bring to mind unpleasant situations during winter, especially in countries with colder climates. So white can create both positive and negative emotions and reactions to the viewers. It can cause a pleasant or an uncomfortable feeling.

55 Fokionos Negri Street

[p]+30.211.4052.138 [m]+30.694.3868.124




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