I joined the 21st edition of “Photo Academica” almost at the last moment.  The day before the deadline, I selected the shots to participate with in the photography competition.  Applications were accepted in two categories – “Artistic Photography” and “Reportage Photography”.  I had suitable shots for both categories and selected photos from my last trips to Norway, Morocco and the Rhodopes.  I was very happy to be among the twelve finalists, but I still don’t know which are the photos I have reached the final with. These are the official statistics for this year’s competition:

A total of 495 photographs by 95 authors were submitted among the two sections of the competition, where  299 of them are from “Artistic Photography” section, and 196 are from the “Reportage Photography” section.  The jury awarded a total of 77 shots for the final selection.

And as nominations for the awards of “Photo Academica” the jury have chosen the following artists with their photographs (in alphabetical order):

Artistic photography:

  • Vladimir Alexandrov – Karamazov
  • Ivo Oreshkov
  • Penko Skumov
  • Julius Vasilev,
  • Yavor Michev

Reporting photo:

  • Vladimir Alexandrov – Karamazov
  • Lubomir Argirov
  • Minko Mikhailov
  • Penko Skumov
  • Stoyan Iliev
  • Yavor Michev
  • Yasen Velchev

The awards will be announced at the exhibition itself.  The place and date of the exhibition will be announced additionally.  Admission to the exhibition will be free.

See more about the competition here


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