Every year, Smithsonian Magazine runs a competition open to the whole world, in which participation is free.  This means that tremendous amount of people are involved.  A year ago, I only dreamed of reaching the finals of such a prestigious competition.  Today I received an email that I am among the 10 finalists in the categories “People” and “Nature”.  To me, it’s like a dream.  The Smithsonian is a competition of National Geographic.  In America, it is also an institution with many activities, including a magazine for research topics and projects.

My first international photographic publication was on the Smithsonian Magazine.  And it happened on the last day of 2019. Back  then my photo became “Photo of the day”.

After came a few more – with another shot and then another.  The third time I thought they had already noticed me.  Shortly afterwards, I received the first email with the news that I was on the shortlist of the finalists of the 18th edition of their photo contest.  They asked for a lot of documents, raw files, descriptions and all the necessary things to make sure everything was according to the rules.  There was a lull and I received an email again, this time asking for the files to be printed for the both shots.  It was a sign that I was definitely in the final.  Until March 4, 2021, when everything became public and official!  And the news in another email from them – more than exciting!

The best thing is that one shot is typically Bulgarian with little Yusuf from the Rhodopes.  This is the best thing for me, because I want to show the world our country with its good things and positive examples.  Now the world will see Yusuf and read the short story about him.

Voting has begun and will continue until March 31, 2021. There was an audience‘s choice and a jury’s choice.  Within a month, everyone could vote for one shot.  It can happen from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.  Being a finalist in this competition is a huge reward for me, but if Yusuf wins, it will be a great achievement for Bulgaria as well.  I told the boy the news and he was very happy.  From today in the village of Krastava in the Rhodopes they have a new little star named Yusuf!

 You can vote here

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