Spawned in an era where technology has revolutionized artistry and creativity, the annual Chromatic Awards is the perfect premier international platform for professionals and amateurs alike where discovery and promotion of new talented souls in color photography across all 20 categories are the very essence of the competition. Participation in the Chromatic Awards is your one-way ticket to showcase your unlimited artistic potential and unique approach at color photography to audiences across the globe.

My participation

The saint of honey – 1st Place

Without ticket – 2nd Place

A memory of the past – 2nd Place


Brutal Time – Honorable Mention

Hotel under the stars – Honorable Mention

Looking at the ground – Honorable Mention

Internal war – Honorable Mention

Our fathers – Honorable Mention

Peter’s boat – Honorable Mention

The storm sometimes – Honorable Mention

White walkers – Honorable Mention


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