As a kid, I used to like only miniature toys.  Anything bigger than a fingernail didn’t catch my eye.  Because they were very small, I often lost them and suffered a lot.  Then over the years I realized that I like small things, especially when they were of high quality and with stress on details- small plastic arts, small paintings, small jewelry … In photography there is a category of Macro photography, in which small objects are photographed at high magnification.  It is in my field of expertise from the very beginning of my more serious work with the device.  But I observed good shots on the world’s photographic platforms as a spectator, and I learned from them.  I started noticing details, processing and paid attention on what is photographed the most.  I advanced in my desire to shoot Macro by buying a good macro lens for my Fuji.  For a year the lens stood and waited, and I kept watching.  And so on until this summer.  I started walking in the fields and mountains and let my imagination run wild.  I began to sink into nature and look at it like never before.  I liked it a lot and I got very excited.  I started training my eyes to see the micro world on a macro scale.  Months later, I began to see things that I had missed all my life or never suspected existed.  Day after day I got more experienced and added more shots.  I made a narrow selection of my first macro shots in the new category on the site – Macro.  I feel that this world of colors and shapes is vast and that it requires a great imagination.  Thank God, I have such kind of imagination as an actor.  I just should gain more experience.  This is a photography that I really like, that calms me down and takes me deeper into the nature, to get to know it in details.  What could be better than that?!

 You can see my first attempts at Macro photography here

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