We’re delighted to present the results of our February competition judged by fine art photographer Simen Johan.

For this competition we asked you to explore animal life – exotic or domestic, wild or tamed, out in nature or sharing our urban spaces. Simen Johan has made a career in exploring the immense beauty and complexity of the animal world, and so it is no surprise that we see those themes in this selection – the vast, organic patterns of murmurations, horses at full gallop, the quiet elegance of a sealion blowing bubbles… And yet there is more at play here. We see animals being cared for, animals as the victims of our wicked games, animals as artifacts, animals navigating the destruction of habitats, and animals as the products of genetic engineering to name but a few. The above quote is true – when we examine the animal kingdom and our impacts on it, we see the best and worst of humanity. Here we see the work of twenty talented photographers telling stories worth hearing, in creative and considered ways. We invite you to dive in and explore these stunning examples of contemporary photography that capture the majesty of the creatures that share our planet Earth, acting as a reminder of just how special our shared ecosystems are.

My participation

White Walker – winning selection


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