Humans of the world

We’re delighted to present the results of our December competition judged by Amanda Hajjar, Founding Director of Fotografiska New York.

What is the human experience today? It’s an impossible question to answer, and as the world population tops 8 billion, it becomes ever more complex – 8 billion intertangled sets of histories, circumstances, needs and aspirations. These 20 images cannot hope to provide an answer, and yet they do touch on themes that resonate in us all – faith, tradition, resilience, freedom of expression, leisure, hardship… and while the uncertainty of our times are reflected in many of them, there are glimmers of hope and joy everywhere, from the strength of familial bonds in the face of war, to a warm embrace on a winter beach, via the arrival at an inner peace after an act of violence. These stories may be unique, but they allow us to see fragments of ourselves in others, reminding us that there is more that unites than divides us.

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