I’m delighted to let you know that one of your images was selected by Kevin Cooley as the 1st Prize in our recent Night Life competition – congratulations for the much deserved win!

We’re delighted to present the results of our January competition judged by conceptual photographer Kevin Cooley, whose work examines our evolving relationship with nature and technology and, in his own words, the struggles of inhabiting a planet we are slowly destroying.

What does the term “night life” conjure in you? Revelry, romance, peace, comfort, mystery, fear? It’s a time charged with emotion and atmosphere – when the sun sets, the senses can seem heightened. Shooting at night also presents technical challenges. For a medium that relies on light falling on a chemical film or digital sensor, it requires a certain aptitude to capture the reality of the night, or to bend it to your own aesthetic desires. And it’s perhaps this combination – of emotion, artistry and technicality – that makes the best night photography so exciting. Here we see images that respond to the theme both literally and more abstractly, spanning celebratory galas to empty mountainscapes, the dangerous work of sulfur miners to conceptual light installations. Combining powerful storytelling with confident execution, they allow us to explore just a few of the stories that emerge when the sun goes down.

Congratulations to the selected photographers.

My participation

Hotel under the stars – 1st Prize Winner

You can view the final selection here

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