“They don’t know it yet, but the infinity of childhood is brief.” – Michel Houellebecq

We’re delighted to present the results of our May competition judged by conceptual fine art photographer Holly Andres.

There is perhaps no time more significant than youthhood, as the world expands around us and we explore our place in it. The most lasting of relationships are formed, the strongest of emotions are felt, and the deepest of memories are etched. And those memories are often the most vivid, fully dimensional and sensorial that we carry we us. This formative period therefore makes for a compelling photographic subject – the best depictions of youthhood offering something universal. Across these stunning images from twenty talented photographers we see many aspects of youthhood – play, exploration, creativity, expression. Finding first love, learning a trade. But also a darker side. Youthhood in the face of war, bullying, environmental degradation… They are a reminder of the resilience of the young, and the universality of our experience, but also the precious need to create a world in which the next generations can thrive. Youthhood can feel infinite – here’s just a glimpse of it.

My participation

Street in the ocean – Winning selection



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