Founded in 2018, the Malta International Photo Award (MIPA) is a premier photo award striving to share and promote the art and passion of photography at all levels across the globe. We aim to bring people together and connect different cultures through the power of photograpy. For decades, travel and photography came hand-in-hand, giving millions of people around the globe memories to last a lifetime. Never has travel been so missed as much as the past year. In an ode to inspire people, relinquish the past, and look forward to when we’ll be able to travel again, MIPA is giving all photographers around the world the opportunity to submit their travel photos, become the first MIPA Travel Photographer of the Year & win €7,500 in cash. We want to know what travel really means for you. We want to see the world from your eyes. Be it people, nature, wildlife, architecture, landscapes, love, passion, memories, sports, adventure – the world is literally your oyster on this one. For the 2020/21 Edition, MIPA is awarding over €10,000 in cash prizes to all the top 15 photos submitted in this next edition of th award, with the first place handed the prestigous title of the MIPA Travel Photographer of the Year 2020/21.

Only 15 photos from all participants are the finalists in the MIPA Travel Award 2020/21 competition. My picture is among those fifteen.

The Boy from the Mountain – Finalist

From here you can see the fifteen finalists

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