I travelled twice this month around the villages in Rhodope’s mountain with a group of very good Bulgarian photographers. These summits are happening thanks to Krasi Matarov who is a top photographer with many awards from international contests and runs Photo Academy with courses in different photography genres- macro photography, landscapes, mobile photography. The first tour was a round Kardzali Dam. This area offers many views and authentic villages  with a majority of Turkish population. Our top spots were the curves of Yarda river, the Dam and the Devil’s Bridge near Ardino. The villages in this region are wild and not very populated, but with authentic houses and sceneries which make them very interesting.  They are located along the mountain’s ridge and not easy to reach. I will definitely go back there.

The next trip was to the villages around Yundola. It turned out to be totally different and I was surprised by everything there. Population is mainly Pomaks, the villages and their tiny streets full of life, many kids and young people around. Locals work on the fields and yards, taking care of livestock, everything and everybody is in motion.  It is a real paradise for photographers since the interesting scenes are everywhere.  People are kind and friendly, allowing you to take good portraits of them. At sunrise and at sunset you can climb the peaks and shoot all these villages as part of very beautiful mountain landscapes, in combination with the hills and downing sun. I intend to further examine this part of Bulgaria as it is as spectacular as the most desired world touristic destinations.


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