Competition that accepts only printed photos. The photos must be a certain size, which is part of the rules of the competition, but the choice of paper and type of printing is a personal decision of each author. The overall performance of each photographer is assessed – the quality of the photography, the selected paper and the print.


3 sections of photographs on paper, approved by FIAP, PSA and FPF, are proposed

Monochrome General theme (PSA section: PPD, MPA – Monochrome Print Large)

Color General theme (PSA section: PPD, CPA – Color Print Large)

Monochrome «Photojournalism» theme (Section not recognized by PSA)

Maximum 4 photos by section and by author.

All photos submitted to the three judges will be mixed, so that the images of a participant will not be presented consecutively.  The jury’s decisions will be final and without appeal.  The organizers will select the pictures for the public exhibition.

My participation:

Hard work – FIAP blue ribbon

The hand of the sun – FIAP blue ribbon

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