Every month one of the biggest sites for portrait photography “International Portrait Photography Awards” holds a contest for the best portraits on their platform.The participants are some of the best portrait photographers in the world and are allowed to upload a maximum of three photos which are inspected by a professional jury. the points gathered are added to a total tally at the end of the year, when the best photos of the year are awarded. My “Killer” shot just made my first points!

I made this photo while shooting the Bulgarian tv series “Devil’s throat”. I played the main part of a detective but that didn’t prevent me from taking photos of my colleagues. As an insider, I had the privilege to be at the set at all times and to witness some great performances. This particular one was made in the interrogation room. The actor did a great job of portraying a fanatic killer. Being an actor myself helps me to direct my models according to the mood I’m searching for in a photo.

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