5th Small Print Exhibition By Photo Salons Aalborg – Lanterna Magica

Phantasmagoria was a form of horror theater that used one or more magic lanterns to project frightening images, especially of ghosts. Showmen used rear projection, mobile or portable projectors and all kinds of effects to produce convincing necromantic experiences. It was very popular in Europe from the late 18th century to well into the 19th century. (Source: wikipedia)

The Lanterna Magica section welcomes any and all images honoring this tradition. We want to see anything from killer clowns to gothic horror themed images, from mythic creatures to ghost stories. Anything that ties in with the exhibition planned for a Halloween opening. On a final note the actual name of the technique was Laterna magica, not Lanterna magica, the salon name evolved from a spelling error, but the decision was made to let it stand as is.

All prints must be printed on A4 paper (29,7 x 21 cm/30 x 20 cm/12 x 8,5 inches)

3 Sections: Color (PSA PPD) / Monochrome (PSA PPD) / Lanterna Magica (Color) (PSA PPD)

My participation:

  • The Dark Family – SDF Gold
  • The boy from the mountain – Lanterna Magica Silver
  • Sadness – NFFF Silver
  • Outside the law  – Lanterna Magica Bronze
  • The intermediate place – PSA HM
  • The truth about life – NFFF HM












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