The charity photography exhibition “Together on the Road” will open on September 24 at the Photosynthesis Art Center.  The project will present in 30 shots the personal point of view  on the topic of eight great Bulgarian artists in photography.  Margarita Ruseva, Vladimir Karamazov, Temelko Temelkov, Adriana Yankulova – Chapkanova, Emanuil Treiman, Ivo Oreshkov, Simon Varsano and Kalin Ruichev.  The photographs  are donated by their authors and everyone will be able to buy each of the works.  Proceeds will be donated to the Solidarity Association, which provides professional psychological and therapeutic assistance to people suffering from addictions.

 The touring exhibition is scheduled to be at the Photosynthesis Art Center from 24 to 27 September 2020, and the photographs can be purchased on site or at info@solidarnost-bg.org.

More about the cause and the Solidarity Association see here

The shots with which they participate in the exhibition


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