Vlado Karamazov has participated in the 7th Theatres Night initiative with one of its accompanying projects – “7 plays in 7 frames”. As part of the iconic “Night Personages”, with this project Vlado Karamazov tells about 7 plays through his eyes and with the means of expression of the photography. The story of the photographs (through the setting or the decorative elements) has a direct reference to something very iconic of each of the selected plays.

Gramophone Club– Vladimir Karamazov ®


This theatrical-photographic project, new to the Theatres Night, is realised with the special assistance and support of Schweppes. The iconic brand, which certainly requires character and is relevant to the arts, has become one of the main characters in all the 7 photographic interpretations of the 7 plays.

Unicredit Studio - Vladimir Karamazov ®
“I got involved in this project not just as an ambassador of Theatres Night, but also because it is very important for me that young people feel how close the theatre art is to them, so we try to engage them and increase their interest in it. And photography can be this mean of expression that will help them recognize the theatre”, Vlado shares.

Vlado Karamazov’s photographs are on display at UniCredit Studio and Gramophone Club as part of the Theatres Nightevents.

Creative concept and photography – Vladimir Karamazov Photography
Post-production – Emil Andonov – High End Retoucher
Typography – Maria Koleva

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