Budapest International Foto Awards

Budapest International Foto Awards is an inspirational community that recognises the power and influence of photography in shaping how we see the world. We are here to nurture creative expression and support photographers who have important stories to share through their images. BIFA’s mission is to promote the work of professional and emerging international photographers to the fast-growing artistic community of Budapest, putting them in the spotlight and providing them with a great platform to showcase their work. We encourage all photographers to participate–professional, amateur and student–to share your unique talent and vision with the world, and win prizes, awards, and recognition.

My participation:

Street In The Ocean – Gold Winner

The Power of Faith – Gold Winner

Muddy Childhood – Bronze Winner

The Boy From The Mountain – Bronze Winner

The Farm In The Ocean – Honorable Mention

The Hand of The Sun – Honorable Mention

The Real People From The Rhodopes – Honorable Mention


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