The winners with first and second place in the MIFA 2021 competition also participate in the exhibition of the winners. This year I won First place in the “People” category and became Photographer of the Year, as well as second place in the “Events” category. With these two shots I participated in the big annual exhibition of the competition in Moscow.

The 2021 MIFA Winners’ exhibition at PhotoPro studios in Moscow opened on the 30th of August to more than a hundred guests from the Moscow photography scene. After the opening ceremony and speeches, the visitors were free to view the photographs and talk to winning photographers about their works. This year’s MIFA Photographer of the Year, George Mayer, was present, as well as other Russian renown photography professionals and photographers, such as Mikhail Krasnov, Head of PhotoPro; Valery Nikiforov,  Director of the Photocenter on Gogolevsky, home to previous MIFA exhibitions; Nina Kiseleva, Chairman of the Board of the National Association of professionals of the photo industry and Victor Boytchev, Director of the Bulgarian Institute of Culture, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of Bulgaria.

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